The focus of the workshop lies on pursuing reactive and adaptive bodies, as well as finding a calm and soft movement quality, in order to move as effortlessly as possible with each other, even in fast and dynamic movements. Many partnering techniques are based on strength, which is of course needed to move and lift each other. However, we want to gently reduce unnecessary tension in the body by examining closely how much is really needed in which moment, in order to establish a sustainable form of movement.

Through movement games and improvisation, different principles of partnering will be introduced and explored.
We will learn to intuitively support or accompany each other's movements.
We are also interested in an individual interpretation of the movement propositions and to make possible all partner constellations and roles inside the couples. All bodies are welcome!
Movements or movement principles that first seem difficult will be broken down and made understandable for the body. The aim is to create an intuitive and creative communication with a partner in order to joyfully explore moving together and thus expand the individual movement repertoire.

FOR WHOM: This workshop is open to all levels. It is aimed both at professional and experienced dancers who want to expand their repertoire in moving with a partner and at curious movers from all disciplines. A general movement experience is recommended.

Camilla Przystawski and Johanna Jörns both work as contemporary dancers, choreographers and movement teachers for dance schools, theaters, festivals or inside of diverse projects in various contexts. They have been working together closely since 2015 and are developing a joint movement practice based on various partnering and improvisation techniques.
More info at https://www.camillaprzystawski.com and https://www.tanztangente.de/wer-wir-sind/johanna-joerns/

AT URBANRAUM ° Urbanstraße 93 ° 10967 Berlin

Sliding Scale: 80-120 €
EARLY BIRD. Until 31st July: 60-75 € 

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THURSDAYS 7.30PM-8.30PM (ongoing class until February 2023) at FINCAN, Alternbrakerstr. 26, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln 


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- E-mail to info@camillaprzystawski.com


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PRICE: between 10 and 15 Euros for single classes

This class is for you if you want to move dynamically and together with others. Groove, flow, learning sequences and finding your own movement quality will be part of this course.

Contemporary Dance is an evolution and a synthesis of different dance and body techniques: this class is a fusion of contemporary technique elements, floorwork and improvisation.

The class starts with a thorough warm up and preparation of the body. Strengthening, mobilization, stretching, and coordination exercises, as well as a focus on space and group awareness build the first half of the class.

The second half is characterized by small movement sequences and improvisation tasks. Movements that seem difficult at first will be broken down so that they can be executed lightly and flowingly. The class is specifically built so that you can take part without any particular previous knowledge and the level will be adapted accordingly to the participants. If you feel like dancing, come along and try it out!

(The class is tought in English or German, depending on the participants' choice).