Soy Agua En El Agua

- an intercultural, interdisciplinary, political and artistic encounter between dancers from Berlin and musicians from Mexico. The aim was to deal with the topic of water, water-related ecosystems and water quality worldwide in a global and local context, both artistically and in terms of content.

We travelled to different water-related ecosystems and worked under, inside and outside the water. These experiences were the central starting point for the artistic-creative process, which culminated in a public performance with dance, music and video at Centro de las Artes, San Luís Potosí, Mexico in August 2020.

Artistic direction: Bernardo Sánchez Lapuente and Camilla Przystawski

Interpreter and work inside the water: Eva Schorndanner

Project manager: Lea Svenja Dietrich

Work under water, under water film: Bernardo Sánchez Lapuente

Choreography: Camilla Przystawski

Musical direction: Jaime Eduardo Ruiz Salas

Pictures: ©Bernardo Sánchez Lapuente 

The project was funded by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL. Supported by the Pfefferwerk Foundation.

A cooperation between SuB Kultur e.V. in Berlin and Musica para la Vida in Mexico City.