This workshop is open for people from all movement backgrounds who are looking for new inspirations, who want to refine their movement quality and discover new facets of moving with a partner.

Each session will consist of various exercises that will prepare our body and mind to move together through space playfully, yet consciously and enter in an instant composition together.

Special attention will be paid to the quality of touch once we enter in physical contact. With a soft and sensitive approach we will discover possibilites to move together and be moved by each other. We will dive into themes as manipulation, release, weight and structure of the body, in order to eventually lift each other off the ground effortlessly, fall together fearlessly and move through space joyfully.

We will look for a natural, fluent movement quality, availability and adaptability in the body. Letting imagination be the inspiration for movement and starting from our inner senses we will find a refinement of our own movement quality and in the interaction with a partner. Crafting principles rather than forms will allow us to let our creativity unfold and find a natural dialogue together.

In this workshop series I will share an accumulation of my practice and research during the past years. Important practices and inspirations are Play-Fight practice by Formless Arts, Partnering and Capoeira amongst others.


Soft movement approach
Finding & Creating space to move; inside and together
Guiding - Following
Giving and receiving weight
Lifting and falling

Kicks and lines of attack - moving through 
Being soft and strong at the same time

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Pictures and video by Alicja Hoppel @alicja_hoppel

Pictures taken by Jule Hömberg @leckertee in the frame of Seneca Intensiv Bildungsjahr Tanz education program