Picture: Steffi Retti


Hello! Nice that you found your way here. 

I am a freelance dancer, creative and curious maker and teacher based in Berlin. I am in constant exchange and working in close relation with other artists. As board member of the association SuBKultur e.V. and former member of the core team of TanzTangente I have been initilizing, developing and realising diverse artistic workshops, projects and creations since 2013.

In 2021 and 2023 I was recipient of the solo research scholarship 'Dis-Tanzen Solo' with the projects 'Planet X' and 'Tracing Roots'. Lately I have been proactively integrating queer-feminist topics and the topic post(-ost) migration into my work.

One of my recent choreographic works 'Through Walls', in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Johanna Jörns and Johannes Schuchardt as visual artist, has been rewarded by being invited to Tanztreffen der Jugend of Berliner Festspiele. 

I received my education in contemporary dance and choreography at Scenario Pubblico - Choreographic Center Sicily, University of the arts Berlin and TanzTangente Berlin. Additional movement practices have been martial art forms such as Capoeira, Kung Fu and Systema and urban dance styles such as Hip Hop and House Dance. I started to accompany, assist and observe inspirational teachers such as Nadja Raszewski intensely from the age of 19, already acknowledging and wanting to dive into the art of teaching. Since 2013 the Play-Fight movement practice and Formless Arts philosophy, founded by Bruno Caverna, are accompanying me constantly and have been very influential throughout the past years.

As a dancer I have performed in 9 productions of the Berlin-based choreographer Nadja Raszewski, and have worked with other choreographers such as Freddy Houndekindo, Kazuma Glen Motomura/Izabella Herzfeld, Amy Chavasse, Christina Wüstenhagen, as well as creating own pieces and projects in collaboration with other artists. Lately I have been collaborating closely with the dancer and visual artist Alessia Luna Wyss and with Camilla Pölzer for her production I need a hero.

I have been focusing on and deepening my knowledge in the fields of partner work, improvisation and instant composition. I have been exploring unconventional performance spaces with a focus on site-specific work. Key words in my current movement research are imagination, diversity and playfulness.


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